Where Are We Going?

    We have begun a journey. The moment this church was formed, the first steps were taken toward some unknown destination.     For the past 50+ years, we have been on our way, but very seldom has the question come up as to where we are going. 

    Spencerport Wesleyan Church is very much like a finely tuned automobile. It has many different parts that work together for its function. Each little nut and bolt come together to form larger parts like the engine or the transmission or the gas tank. Every last gear and shaft has brought the church to this point in its proverbial “road trip,” but the road stretches on toward the horizon with no end in sight.

    This church is certainly in fine shape, equipped with everything necessary to take us from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. The primary function of a car, however, is not in its speed or its luxury or all of its cool features. It was invented with the intention of taking people from point A to point B without wearing out a horse. As a result, the car must have a point B to which it can go before it reaches its full potential.

    When Israel left its point A in Egypt, she knew that her point B was the Promised Land. When Jesus left his point A in Nazareth, he knew that his eventual point B was Jerusalem. This begs the questions: “As the Church that Jesus Christ has founded, and as a local church in the Town of Spencerport, where is our point B?” We can certainly give answers such as “heaven” or “the will of God,” and while these are both great things to which we aspire as believers, where is SWC’s point B? Where are we hoping to go and what are we hoping to accomplish as the body of Christ?

    The real point of this question is every bit as much about what we are hoping to be as it is about where we want to go. In his book Live, Love, Lead, Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, speaks of his desire for Hillsong to be a “church full of people” growing beyond its humble beginnings in a warehouse in Sydney. Over the course of many years, it eventually became one with a global influence, creating ministries, training leaders, and reaching the lost through music. 

    That was a great point B for Hillsong. They had a clear idea of what their identity could be, and they went out and became that Church, to the glory of God. What are we here at SWC called to be? Where are we called to go? What is our point B? We cannot rely on any one man or woman to show us what our point B is and to take us there. We need the whole church. We need everyone in SWC to work together so that we can go where we need to go and be who we need to be. There are great things in store for this church, but it is going to take every nut and bolt of the car, as well as submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to get us there.



Pastor Ryan