Times, they are a changing…


As we move into the summer months as a church, we are seeing all sorts of things around us beginning to change.  New life is taking shape.  As many of us prepare gardens and make room for new flowers, ministries here at SWC are being cultivated as well. For many years we have had ministries operating in ways that have worked in the past but are either no longer functioning in the same way or in need of adjusting to prepare for future growth

One example of this is seen in some of the pruning and  grafting that is taking place in Sunday School.  In the past, SWC has had a Sunday School Superintendent who nurtured the program by tending to the recruiting of teachers, ordering curriculum, coordinating sign-ups for classes, as well as all of the behind the scenes responsibilities it takes to keep the ministry   going.  We haven’t had any nominations or volunteers for Sunday School Superintendent in quite a while, which has naturally cut the position from the ministry.

In lieu of a person, we need to implant a protocol.  For the time being, we have developed a procedure where if someone is interested or feels called to teach Sunday School, they will now need to make that known to the Pastor.  The Pastor will meet with a newly sprouting Spiritual Formation Team that will provide some collective wisdom in supporting our teaching ministries at SWC.  From that point, approved teachers will receive a packet that includes a timeline of when certain things need to be done in order to have a successful class in the upcoming quarter.

 We also hope to see some budding and blossoming aspects of  children’s ministry this summer and heading into the fall.  You’ll  begin to notice a new name and logo for all of our children’s ministries.  “Connect Kids” is the new name that will slowly start to spread and cover all kids’ programs at SWC.  The theme behind the name is connecting kids with the love of Jesus through faith and fun.  We have already started tilling the ground in Junior Church as we hope for the growth that comes from worshiping God!  During the Sunday service, our kids will be leaving a little earlier to engage in worship and to dig into God’s word while rooted in an environment geared towards their age.  

I’m encouraged to enter into a season of flourishing ministries here at SWC.  Join me and others in leadership as we plow up some   fertile soil and sow into the future of our church!  This may include having some tough rows to hoe and needing to weed out some things that have taken root here.  If we remain faithful to work together in the areas that God has called us to tend, we will reap a harvest and see the fruit given to us through the power of the Holy Spirit!


Pastor Jason