The Tattoo

   Have you ever seen those people who have many tattoos all over their bodies? I find it rather interesting to see their ink, because each tattoo that is drawn upon their bodies has some sentimental meaning or says something about what is important to that person. Many will have the names or pictures of loved ones, while others will mark themselves with words or phrases that describe who they are and what they have been through.

   Everything that we do in our lives is like a tattoo that describes who we are and what we hold most dear. Every action that we take and every word that we speak marks us and forms us for the future. We receive some of these marks willingly, while others are forced upon us by circumstance. Each one of us has had to make difficult decisions in our lives, and each one of us has had to live with the consequences, both good and bad, of those actions.

   How many of us have made poor decisions in the past? I know that I have made my fair share, hurting myself and the ones that I love. How many of us have been hurt by the actions of others? Again, I know that I, as well as anyone, have suffered at the hands of others. This is part of who we are and the world in which we live, and whether we like it or not, these things are written upon us like tattoos.

   Each one of these marks comes together to spell a name or paint a picture on our hearts. Our tattoos often spell out our vices or paint pictures of the people that we see when we look in the mirror, but what if they could be changed? A skilled tattoo artist can take the mistakes of other parlors and turn them into something beautiful.

   Jesus has spoken to each of us and is ready and waiting to make something beautiful out of something that is ugly. He is able to turn the pictures that we see in the mirror into the image of Christ himself. He uses the only ink that is truly indelible. By his blood, he marks our hearts, painting his picture and writing his name upon us.

   He says plainly in Jeremiah 31:33: “I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” He will write upon us his law and his name in order that what is most valuable to us and what truly marks us shall be seen by all. What a joy it is that our God not only forgives us our sins, but uses our past to make us who we can be in him! May our hearts ever have the name of Jesus written upon them by the blood that cannot be removed.


Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Ryan