Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is one of the high points of every child’s life. It is the time that she gets away from school and plays outside or hangs out with friends. It is also that time of year when families get together and take trips to someplace fun, like Yellowstone or Disney World. Excitement is around every corner, thousands of pictures are taken, and lifelong memories are made.

Then comes the day when summer vacation ends and the children go back to school. Inevitably, each child will be required to write a paper or give a presentation about what she did with her summer. It is always fun to share if she did something exciting, but few children want to tell their class that all they did was watch TV. That would seem to many like a wasted summer. Summer is the greatest opportunity that children have all year to explore the world around them. It is a shame when that opportunity goes unseized.

Carpe Diem is the mantra of the people in this world who wish to “seize the day.” These are the people who take the opportunities that are given to them and make the most out of them. Jesus Himself speaks of opportunities that He has given us to do His will. In Matthew 25:14-30, He tells a story of a master who leaves hisservants with varying amounts of money, “each according to his ability.” Two of those servants took the money, invested it, and ended up doubling the investment. They seized the opportunity to multiply the master’s wealth, as well as prove themselves faithful with what he had given them.

On the other hand, there was a servant who feared the opportunity he had been given. Instead of acting faithfully, he took the money and buried it, only to be punished by his master upon his return. This unfaithful servant indeed feared his master, but he also feared the risks that must be taken in order to be faithful to his master. His was a wasted summer, and his report was marred by his shame.              

That story is meant to be a lesson to all who have been blessed with faith in Christ Jesus. We have been given the resources by our master. We are in the midst of our summer vacation. What are we going to do with the opportunities that we have received? Are we going to speak to that friend or relative who longs to hear the Gospel? Are we going to reach out and love those who feel unlovable? Are we going to give generously to those who are in need?

The world in which we live is filled with opportunities to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting and oppressed, yet they are seldom seized. What is going to be our report when summer vacation ends? What are we going to tell our Master about the wealth He entrusted to us when He returns? May we all be found faithful in the eyes of the Lord.    


Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Ryan