Recalling Restorations


In my personal devotions, I’ve been reading a lot about how Jesus restored damaged people. It’s not easy to admit, but we’re all damaged to some degree.  Some may not be able to hide their brokenness like the Samaritan woman Jesus encountered at the well.  She had been divorced 5 times and wasn’t married to the man she was currently with when Jesus found her. Others may mask their need for repair by trying to fix themselves. Zacchaeus tried to fill the void in his life with wealth by taking advantage of his own people. This left him empty inside, still needing repairs that could only be made by Jesus. Some may identify with Peter, who, even after following Jesus, failed in his faith and allowed the fear of others to sway his loyalty to Christ. While still many  struggle like Saul, who was very religious, followed all the rules, and knew the scriptures of His day better than most, he found himself very wrong when it came to knowing the truth!

I praise God that he doesn’t leave us as damaged goods, but instead restores us no matted how messed up we are!  He sends the outcasts into their communities to share “living water” so that they will begin to thirst for the righteousness of God, like He did with the woman at the well.  He tells those that have looked for fulfillment in the wrong places to come to Him and   invite Him into their lives so that He can repair them from the inside out like He did with Zacchaeus.  Jesus comes after us to restore us in His love when we have failed, like He did with Peter.  He also loves us enough to knock us off our high horse (if need be) to show us who He really is and give us a new purpose like He did with Paul (Saul).

 As we approach Easter, let us not be so deceived by our  religiosity that we miss the truth that comes from knowing Jesus relationally.  Instead, let us remember that Christ came to restore our damaged lives.  He died for us, paying the price of those repairs and the restoration that comes through the forgiveness of our sin.  He rose again to offer us the hope and power of new life!  Let’s offer that living hope we have in our risen Savior with the outcasts, the unrighteous, the broken, those who are lost and needing encounters with Jesus.  We will do so because that’s what Jesus has done and continues to do for each one of us who places our faith in Him!


               Pastor Jason