Resolvedly Unresolved


The New Year is fast approaching, and that is the time when we begin to review our lives over the previous 365 days, and what they should be for the next. When the clock strikes 12:00am on January 1st, many have in mind a new beginning of sorts to which they would like to commit themselves. These are most commonly referred to as New Year’s resolutions.

The most common resolution in the United States is to lose weight, and millions try while only a fraction see it through to the end. Other people try to get more creative with their resolutions, such as trying to learn a new language or committing to spending more time with their children or grandchildren. With all of these resolutions, whether creative or common, I would tend to believe that a vast majority are left incomplete or even unattempted.

This is indicative of the human condition. We give our word, we make promises to ourselves or others, and we allow our best intentions to turn into our worst inactions. Some of the greatest sins this world has ever seen has come from the refusal to do what we ought to do. We as a human race are resolvedly unresolved.

John Wesley called this the sin of omission; namely, that we are led by the Lord to do something and we refuse to do it. Each one of us has been in that situation where the Lord has told us to speak to or help someone and we have shied away from the opportunity. I have frequently heard from people how difficult they find it to do these things, and I could not be more sympathetic. It is very hard to minister to a world that has no regard for God, but that does not exempt us from the commission to go and make disciples.

In many respects, we have resolved each year that we will leave our fears of the world unresolved, and that we will leave our doubt in the Lord unresolved. This is what happens when we hide from who we are called to be. We bury our proverbial talent, just like the wicked servant.    

Is it a risk to invest the talent like the faithful servants? Absolutely! We run the risk of rejection and ridicule. In some parts of the world, such action runs the risk of death. With all of that  being said, our Lord has promised that he will repay us infinitely more than we have lost. We have his Word and the filling of the Holy Spirit as proof of this truth, so what is our hesitation?

My challenge to you and to myself, is that we make not just a New Year’s resolution, but a lifelong resolution to be the disciple makers that we are called to be, refusing to be wishy-washy about our commission. Do not fear, for the Lord is with you even to the end of the age! Let us resolve to be ministers for Jesus Christ. Let us resolve to be the Church that Christ founded.

                                                        With Love in Christ,
                                                         Pastor Ryan