New Method, Same Message

    The world has changed quite a bit in the past 2,000 years. The human race has seen the rise and fall of empires, the formation and dissolution of unions, not to mention some amazing technological progress. In the past two centuries, we have seen such progress from crossing this country in covered wagons, to the invention of mass transit in the railroad, to streamlined production of personal travel in the automobile, to being able to travel anywhere in the United State in mere hours. We have seen men and women break the speed of sound, walk on the moon, split the atom, and send the first man-made object beyond the reaches of this solar system.

    I am reminded of the great technological advances of the modern world and how they have so changed the way the we give and receive information today. In the 1440’s, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, those streamlining the copying process and giving the common man the written word. Not only did that happen, but he created the first mass produced Bible in the common German language. In the 500 years that followed, the printing process became so refined that millions of copies of thousands of newspapers were being circulated by the mid-20th century. 

    A new medium has now risen to prominence, which is the digital screen. It is a format that reaches billions of people around the world every day, granting them access to incredible amounts of information. While this format has brought with it much evil, it can also be used for good. The printing process, and its subsequent refinements have been used to print many books, but the most remarkable of those works was the Bible. 

    Even in that age of technological advancement, new inventions were used to spread the Gospel. Why, then, does it have to different in the digital age? We have seen an astounding rise in usage of smartphones and home computers, and people are becoming increasingly glued to their screens. As long as they are glued to their screens, why not give them something to read about? Why not reach out to those people in order to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and tell them about SWC? There is an old saying that the Gospel message does not change, but the method by which we present it does. In the Ancient world, people were reached in the city gates. In the pre-modern world, people hear the Good news through books. In the 20th century, there was a greater draw to television and radio. As a result of where we are now, we must begin to consider how we can reach the people who live in a digital world.

     One of the ideas that both the LBA and I have been discussing is increasing our internet presence. We are going to redesign the website, recreate the Facebook page, and consider how we can best serve the Lord and witness to the people of Spencerport and part beyond through the digital medium. It is a difficult task, so we need your help. We will be using a portion of our Easter offering to fund these efforts to reach out to millennial families and will need your financial support. Even more than that, we would love to know any ideas that you all have to invigorate this process even more. This church is full of creative and talented people, and I would love to hear any and all ideas or creative inspirations.     

    Spencerport Wesleyan Church is on the brink of something huge. Would you join with me and the LBA as we seek to the do the Lord’s will and reach out to the lost in new and exciting ways?



Pastor Ryan