In every life, there is a time when we are given the opportunity to move, where we stand at the precipice of our future and survey all that may lie ahead. There is a long and winding road behind us; though it seems to end here, the journey does not. So much uncertainty surrounds us that we hesitate to step in any direction for fear that we might walk right off the edge of what we know and free-fall into the darkness of what is as of yet imperceptible. Our hearts are filled with fear as the winds blow, the earth quakes, and fire surrounds us; yet in the midst of it all, we hear a still small voice that whispers sweetly into our ear “move.”

            One word that is so simple yet evokes within us the widest range of thoughts and emotions. “Move.” In that one word there is a command, yet an invitation. We know that voice, as sheep know the voice of their shepherd. We know that we must indeed move. It is not entirely clear how we are        supposed to move or where; all that is clear is that something inside compels us to move closer to that voice, even if it is right off the cliff.

            Many have stood in that exact spot. We are not the first, nor will we be the last. The priests of Israel stood on the banks of the Jordan and heard the invitation to move. Only then did the flow of the waters stop. David stood in the Valley of Elah and that same invitation was whispered into his ear. The   giant that he faced did not fall until he moved. Peter eagerly waited in the boat on the Sea of Galilee for the invitation from the Lord to move. When he did, the water became solid ground under his feet as he walked toward Jesus.

            This is where we make a choice to listen to fear or to listen to the whisper telling us to move. We can choose to stay where we are, or we can look to where He might take us. Where will we go? What will we do? Will we remain stagnant in what we know, or will we move into the great unknown and trust that God in His timing will reveal to us the danger, joy, and glory of what lies ahead?

             Their way was no more difficult than ours. Our God is no lesser than theirs. The same God who stopped the river, slew the giant, and gave the disciple the ability to walk on water is the One we serve. His is the still small voice inviting us to move. He is the One giving us the opportunity to step off of the ledge and see something amazing happen.

            Any movement from where we are is a step into the unknown. It is most assuredly a step toward danger, yet toward security. It is a step into darkness and into the Light. It is a leap into the arms of faith, that what we do not yet know might be made known to us. It is trusting that God will work it all together for our good, His Glory, and the coming of His kingdom.

                                                                             A servant in Christ,

                                                                                    Pastor Ryan