A Tribute to Moms

One of my kids asked me the other day, “Why is it that most of the time, people in the Bible are referred to as boys?”  I tried to  explain the patriarchal culture in which the books of the Bible are written, but I don’t think my daughters were completely satisfied.  I was able to help them see that many of the scriptures that say “man,” “brother,” “him” and so on apply to girls as well.  As I reflected more on their question, I thought about how God is always referred to in the masculine. 

Without dragging this concept out, God is not male.  Male is a gender of creation by God that reflects Him.  The same is true of female.  Female is a gender of creation that reflects her creator, too! “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Gen. 1:27). Motherhood is an amazing revelation of God’s character!  As we approach Mother’s Day this month, I thought it would be nice to look at a couple ways how our mothers show us a side of God that brings Him glory!!

Unconditional Love - As a dad, I love my children.  But there is something about the way my wife loves our children that is simply different.  There’s a different level of unconditional love that comes from a mother.  She effortlessly sees their little hearts in a way that, for me, takes a high level of intentionality.  For example, when one of our kids is goofing off and gets hurt, she’s there to wrap her loving arms around them instantly, whereas my initial reaction might be “I told you not to do that!”  I think God loves us in the same way moms do when it comes to us doing things we were told not to do.  First, He wraps us in His loving arms before He gently reminds us to not go and do that again (Jn. 15:12; 8:10-11)

Provides and Protects - I know that there is a traditional view about how dads provide for and protect their families.  Mothers reveal these qualities of God, too!  The phrase “momma bear” is a reality when it comes to protecting and providing for her children.  I experienced this as my own mother raised my brother and me as a single mom for several years.  She didn’t mess around when it came to defend her babies!  She worked multiple jobs to make sure we had everything we needed.  God provides and protects His children, too.  He gives us everything we need (Mt. 6:25).

God has revealed Himself through His creation.  He has given us glimpses into His love, His provision, and His protection through our mothers.  This Mother’s Day, let us give thanks to God for mothers and the way He has shown us His goodness through them. 


Pastor Jason