A Beautiful Sacrifice

There is a unique sensation that comes around when we get to this time of year.  Autumn has always been a favorite season for me and many others.  Even in Florida, where not too many trees are turning, I can remember as a child sensing something in the air that mesmerized the rest of my soul.  As we enter into fall, I look forward to the different flavors, smells and sights that this season brings. Even though this is a new fall, I can’t help but feel this mystical connection to the familiar atmosphere of Autumns in the past.

The awe-inspiring view of a hill covered in oranges, reds, golds and some remaining green is a sight I long for each year.  The science behind what creates such a remarkable setting is intriguing.  Some may think that fall foliage is mainly due to the cooler weather, but it actually has more to do with the amount of light the trees are receiving.  An article I read recently (*see link below) helped me to understand that the process of a tree preparing for survival exposes the beauty of leaves changing color.

As a tree prepares for a season of cold weather with little nutrients and less light, it begins to store as much nourishment as it can.  Our Creator God designed trees as living things with an ability to sustain life even as parts of the tree wither away. Through the death of its leaves, a tree stores energy back into the branches and into its core in order for it to remain alive in a season of harsh, cold and desolate months.  What’s amazing about this process is the beauty of the sacrifice that the leaves make in order for the tree to have life!

 It’s awesome when the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be seen in creation.  The beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice on the tree of Calvary gives us the hope of everlasting life!  He died upon that tree so that we could live.  He bore the punishment of our sin.  Like a mighty maple tree covered in its red leaves, Jesus displays His love for us covered in His own blood as the payment for our forgiveness.  He did this so we can have hope of sustainable life in harsh, cold, and desolate seasons. This hope comes from knowing Jesus rose from the dead three days after he came down from his tree.  Like looking forward to the leaves returning in the spring, we also anticipate Christ’s return.  This fall, as you watch the beauty of the sacrifice made by the leaves for the trees, be reminded of the sacrifice your Savior made for you and rejoice in His love!


                           Pastor Jason Daniel

* (https://www.zmescience.com/ecology/autumn-leaves-color-432432/)